Saturday, August 29, 2009

Due today

I cannot believe that I am already 40 weeks today. The time has passed so quickly; I feel like it should still be my 2nd trimester. I am scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, September 1, and seeing as I am still not having contractions or anything to speak of, chances are I will be induced.

We are excited to welcome Bee Gee into our family, and we will let everyone know when he is here.

I am also excited to sleep with one pillow, for my shirts to cover my entire belly, and to be able to get off the floor without grunting.

1 comment:

  1. Kristin, you look so good for 40 weeks!! Oh baby ;)!! So tomorrow, we'll be thinking and praying for you. So happy for you guys and looking forward to meeting him! b-day is Sept 3rd and LOVED it!! Some years he'll have a Labor Day B-day and others he'll be in school. It's a great time for a birthday!!