Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing my newest love - BeeGee

I am so happy to introduce to you my precious son, born Sept. 1 at 6:05 p.m. He is so wonderful and easy-going. I am totally in love! OE is a great big brother and loves to help me. He has welcomed BeeGee into our family with open arms. This morning OE found his batman card and ran into BeeGee's room just to show it to him. I love it!

Mommy and BeeGee

Daddy and BeeGee

Angel face

Cows are pretty cool

The following is the story of BeeGee's birth (I will not get graphic, but if medical details make you uneasy - don't read on!):

I was induced at 7:45 a.m. on Sept. 1. I convinced the doctor and nurse that I wanted to attempt a drug-free delivery, so they agreed to give me an IV block instead of hooking up the IV from the beginning. I had to lie in bed for an hour, and then we walked around for 45 minutes trying to kick-start labor. This worked a little, and my doctor broke my water at about 9:30 a.m. I was checked again at about 11:30 and I had stalled around 4 cm, so they gave me pitocin, in which I was required to haul around the IV stand with me the rest of the day. The contractions picked up and were pretty manageable. I was 7 cm the next time they checked (a couple hours later), and then I was still at 7 cm the time after that (another couple of hours later). At that point I was discouraged, but my nurse encouraged me that 8-10 cm goes the fastest. I had been changing positions all throughout the day, so I moved back to the birthing ball. I was there for about a hour or so with contractions about 2 minutes apart. It got bad, but still manageable with J helping me relax each time. However, I had decided that if I had not moved to at least a 9 the next time they checked me, I was going to get an epidural - I couldn't get through another 2 hours of the pain every 2 minutes. However, my prayers were answered - quite quickly. The nurse suggested another position that women like, so I tried it. Apparently it works, because after 10 seconds of being in that position, BeeGee dislodged from my right hip and was ready to be born. They had to page the doctor who sprinted to the delivery room. I had to labor down for probably 5 minutes - which was incredibly difficult, although not really painful. Once the doctor got there (she told me later that she got her gloves on and one bootie, but didn't have time for anything else!) I pushed for about 2 minutes and BeeGee was born! His poor little face was bruised all over because he had descended so quickly that he bumped into my hips and pelvis bones. Also, my right hip hurt really bad for about a week - I'm pretty sure I had internal bruising too. It was so incredible! I still can't believe I made it without drugs - it is one of my biggest accomplishments.

We are so blessed that we are all healthy and adjusting to our new family life. Thanks for reading my lengthy story.

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  1. Thanks for sharing - I LOOOOOOOOVE reading birth stories!