Monday, August 3, 2009

My first week of being 30

I was excited to be 30 - to me it just seems like the age when you are officially grown up and responsible. Well, after experiencing my first week of my 30's, I'm not so sure that I like it now.

I would love to report that in my first week I suddenly became the perfect parent, wife, and friend, not to mention that I was able to feed the hungry and find housing for the homeless. Ok, maybe those goals were a little ambitious.

I spent most of my first week on the couch either with severe back pain or fever and chills, not to mention the 4 hours in the hospital. I turned 30 and instantly my body fell apart. Apart from being super uncomfortable in my 36th week of pregnancy, I had 2 separate unrelated infections and pulled 3 different muscles in my back on 2 different days causing sharp pains in my lungs with every breath.

The only word that I can use to describe the last week is ridiculous. Ridiculous!

I would like to leave you with pictures from the good times. Thanks ladies for the wonderful baby shower/birthday party last Saturday. Thank you to my loving husband for the date night on my birthday. I love you! (I also have to brag about my hubby who offered to sleep on the couch when my back was bad so I could use the whole bed.)

The lovely hostesses and my in-laws. Thank you for the great party!

My sister and also a "Kristin Expert".

Amy and me.

Shannon, Elisha, and me.A gift card from all the ladies for a manicure and pedicure. Woo hoo!!!

Fugo de Chao - yummy! I ate enough meat to last me for a while now.

My birthday dessert on the house - mango something or other. Yummy!


  1. Look like you had a great time!! I wish I could have been in town to celebrate with you!!! I just love your new haircut!!!