Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The other side of pumice

Our house has well water that is high in iron and loves to stain everything orange. For a long time we used the basic rust removers, highly abrasive and toxic. One of them was so bad that we would have to break up the time we spent in the bathroom while the product was working because the fumes felt like there were burning our lungs. YIKES!

This is what those products left us with.GROSS! Well, I am through with those harsh products since they obviously don't work well anyway. I researched alternatives online, and I found the prospect of using pumice stone. The pumice stone is softer than porcelain, so it doesn't scratch it. After 20 minutes of elbow grease and about 1/3 of a pumice stone, this is what I have now.I know it is not perfect, but what an amazing difference. I am hoping to get the rest of the orange stain out over time thanks to pumice!

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  1. woohoo for finding a natural alternative! I grew up with hard water and I know it's the worst...