Thursday, June 4, 2009

creating a world of HOPE

"Should we let the babies of our country live, or should we let them die?" The answer is "live", right? Well, then, "Who is going to take care of them?"

These unthinkable questions haunt many countries in Africa due to the middle generation being wiped out by HIV/AIDS. In fact, those very questions were asked to Bob Pearson inspiring him to create Horizon International.

This evening we attended a fund raising event for Horizon International in which we heard Pastor Tatenda from Zimbabwe speak about his child care center that provides a home, education, dignity, and a future to orphans. If you followed the news articles about Zimbabwe in the past year, the events that took place were horrifying. Pastor Tatenda saw many of his own people beaten and killed just for helping those in need. Praise God that there is political peace for the time being and that his children are safe. He and his wife are amazing people that are carrying out Jesus' call to serve the poor and needy.

At the end of the program I was one of 2 people that won a Ministry Trip Gift Certificate good for a credit of $200 toward a mission trip to Africa!!! Good thing it is valid through 2010 since I am prego! I am very excited.

Please check out Horizon's website to learn more about how you can help create a world of hope for Africa's orphans.

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