Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Cubs Go!

Cubs win 5-4 over Astros! It was an exciting afternoon at Wrigley Field from will call, to the game, to the people next to us on the bleachers.

First, we dropped OE off with Aunt Shelley which was super easy. Aunt Shelley has buses and police cars and taxi cabs right outside her window - awesome!
Then we headed to Wrigley Field and picked our tickets up at will call, which was a little challenging since J brought this confirmation email with him - see anything wrong?

Then we enjoyed the game...some nachos...
some beer...uhhhh, I mean soda...
UNTIL the top of 9th inning when we gave up 4 runs to tie the game and went through 3 pitchers. OUCH! This leads me to our seat neighbors...

It was almost hysterical if it wasn't so sad. They were so mad about the poor pitching that the 50-something man and his friends were yelling f-bombs and every other swear word left and right. A father of young children kindly asked them to keep it clean, which was not received well. It worked, however, because even though he kept muttering and badmouthing the man and the Cubs to his friends, he did stop yelling it out to the crowds.

Finally, the Cubs got 3 outs and were up to bat, which lightened the mood of our seat neighbors. Cubs got one more run to win the game and the crowd went WILD!
Back to Shelley's apartment to pick up OE and head home. Over all, a very exciting day!

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