Friday, May 8, 2009

A Case for Couponing

Coupons = Free Money

I have only been actively couponing for about 6 months, and I am in no way an expert, but I am definitely hooked. It started with seeing Stephanie, the Coupon Mom on Oprah, and I checked out her website and loved it. The process finally made sense to me. I encourage everyone to at least read her free ebook explaining her process at You can really get into it with CVS and Walgreens, but I don't have that much time or interest to get that in depth. I just stick with my 2 favorite grocery stores to save big bucks on groceries.

I am also in a trial period for another service that you pay for, and so far I like it. It is more compatible with the way my brain works! Using the 2 systems together cut out all of my prep time besides actually clipping the coupons that I need.

Oh and also - STAY AWAY FROM ONLINE COUPONS!!!! The coupon websites require you to download their special printer. My hubby is a well-respected IT professional in Indy, and he is sure that they install spyware on your computers. You can do lots of couponing with just the Sunday newspaper. Do not put your computer at risk of expensive repairs for a few bucks.

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