Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Since the day OE was born, I have heard over and over that he looks just like his daddy. It is true that all the men in J's family do look similar, so this is not surprising. Now I am hearing the same thing about BeeGee.

I am happy that my boys look like their father; after all, I find him to be quite attractive! However, my mom just emailed me 2 pictures of myself that show how much they look like me too. I think BeeGee has my eyes.

No matter who they look like, I have 2 handsome boys.

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  1. This strikes me as humorous because Mrs. Blonde's Mom did the exact same thing when everyone kept saying the boys look like me. Truth me told, they look like us. I'm just hoping they end up looking most like the Good in us and less the unGood in us as time progresses! Love the shot of you with your Dad(?) in the background. Very cute. Also, your husband needs that same mustache. Now. -Mr. Blonde