Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"What is the difference between a man's chest and a woman's chest?"

That is an actual question that I got from a 4th grader this Monday morning during my Body Safety presentation. Fortunately, I was able to eloquently relate all the biological differences clearly and precisely - yeah right! I affirmed that it was a good question and kindly suggested that a health teacher or his parents would give a better answer than I could!

I have received so many insightful and mature questions from the students over the past year. They amaze me at how eager and curious they are. The question I hate getting, although it is a very good question, is "What if I yell 'no' and I run away from the person, but they chase me and get me anyway?" Good question. It is the sad state of the world that this is a very possible situation. I try to tiptoe around the implications of the question (sexual molestation) and just address the situation post-abuse - "You need to tell an adult that can get you help."

To end on a lighter note: Last year one of my favorite memories is when a 2nd grade girl informed me that I had forgotten a private body part on a girl. I had forgotten to mention the "baby hole"!!!!

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