Thursday, April 16, 2009

Genesis: A Commentary

I just finished reading a commentary on Genesis called Genesis: A Commentary - go figure - by Bruce Waltke. I know I am a nerd, but this book was a fascinating page turner. When you are told the background and context of the stories, they just come alive. The patriarchs sure had a lot of DRAMA to deal with! Sex scandals, murders, cheats, threats, greed. Exciting!

However, the most exciting thing was gaining a deeper understanding of how God created the world and humans to be. Imagine sitting down next to a lion in peace and not worrying about what to (not) wear or what to eat. Since it didn't turn out that way, and there is hunger and fear in the world, God made provisions by electing Abraham's family line to carry out his vision - blessing others. This book gave me understanding of why it is so important to care for and serve others - not only was it the example that Jesus gave us, but it is how God intends the world to be!

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