Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Happened to my Summer?

September is just a few days away, and I am trying to cram an entire summer's worth of activities into a few short weeks. Summer did not happen at our house this year. We spent over a month inside our house, surviving, not killing each other. I layed on the couch while the boys played together. I would make sure they were ok when they were either too loud (crying) or too quiet (causing mischief).

In July, Benjamin and I were hit with a virus unlike anything else I've ever had. Sure, it was just a fever, cold, and sinus infection, so it seems like I should have been able to carry on and function somewhat normally. Wrong! It knocked me down and kept me there for weeks! The pain in my head was so bad it often brought me to tears and required me to keep a bag of frozen peas on my head for hours and hours each day to numb the pain. Thankfully Benjamin was given antibiotics that cleared him up much more quickly. I am still working on the sore throat and cough, over 6 weeks later.
I have heard from so many people this summer that got the same thing (including my sister-in-law and nephew who got it at the same time as we did). This thing was nasty, nasty, nasty, and I hope to never get it again.

So now we are busy fitting the zoo, children's museum, parks, friends, gym, and church into the last few weeks that we have before we move on to the next season.

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