Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and the Outdoors

The Easter Bunny visited our house for the first time this year. To make up for the other 2 Easters which she missed due to laziness, she bought an extra special present for OE - his favorite movie Cars. He was very excited!BeeGee was equally excited for his Easter basket of goodies that Mom and Dad had to eat for him.
BeeGee got his first car in honor of his daddy who gave up his car just like this one for a more reasonable family car.
OE took his time eating his jellybeans. First he lined them up. Then, each one had a conversation with the others before he ate it.
Today was a beautiful day outside. OE is pretty good at riding his scooter now.
BeeGee was just chillin' in his onsie.


  1. your kids are such hams....i love it. hopefully we can get together when this weather gets better. It looks like i will see you on saturday!!! Yeah!

  2. what adorable little boys! I can't wait to see you all again in Florida. Wish I had been there to hear the jellybean conversation. Mom ( and proud grandma!)