Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have had a lot of time alone with my 2 sons as company, so I have not had much conversation. This leaves me to my thoughts and memories, some good, some bad.

Today 2 memories from my younger years popped into my head, and I thought I'd share them with you. Why these 2 memories came up, I cannot tell you.

My modeling days
In junior high, my friend D.C. had a huge basement, a trunk of crazy dress up clothes, and a video camera, so we made tons of hilarious (or so we thought) videos. One was a fashion show with silly outfits in which my witty best friend Nicole was the emcee. As I was walking the "runway" she commented that I "love windy nights and hate mean dogs". It was so funny at the time (it still makes me chuckle).

He's got legs
In elementary school, a boy in my class named Terry lived behind me, and I would cut through his yard each day to get to school. One day, for some reason, my friend and I started singing to him "Terry's got legs, and he knows how to use them". I think this song was currently on a Nair commercial, so that's all of the song that we knew. As far as I remember, we thought Terry was nice, so I don't think we were trying to be mean. I think he was just the poor guy that had to walk the same way home with us. They were a really nice family and good neighbors.

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